Little One, You are the Universe

While crossing the Yamuna River in their home of Northern India, elephants Lotus and Adia are separated from each other and captured by humans. Lotus was sent to Tanzania in East Africa to work on the railways. Adia was sent to the Ashantee Forest in West Africa to carry heavy loads for the miners.

One day, they were put on separate ships bound for Canada because people were poaching elephants for their tusks and it was not safe for them in Africa. It is once they arrive in Canada that Lotus and Adia are reunited at a watermelon party. With the two elephant families together again, they plan for one more trip to the warmer climate in Point Pelee, Canada. Join Lotus and Adia on their journey!

Alter Heart Beats in Oasis

My inspiration for this book is His Highness The Aga Khan and His family that generously gave to Canada and the world such a legacy that inspires us all to achieve our highest potential in a spirit of diversity and what is common amongst us as humans. To strive to achieve our best in the spirit of harmony.